10 reasons you should consider studying computer science

Choosing the right university course will ultimately help you land your dream job, as well as give you lots of unforgettable experiences along the way.  

If you’re still deciding which course to take, we’ve put together 10 reasons why you should consider computer science: 

1) High Earnings Potential 

Computer scientists can expect a good starting salary, with high earnings potential. The average salary for computer science jobs is £57,500 (CW Jobs reports), but top earners can expect more than £79k a year! 

In fact, The Good University Guide (published by the Sunday Times) found that computer science graduates earn more than any other undergraduate degree holder in the UK. With the top-earning computer science graduate earning an impressive £50k just 6 months after graduation!  

2) Job security 

Computer science is a rapidly growing field, with great job prospects and opportunities to progress your career. It’s a very secure job market to enter, as technology will continue to play a big part in our future and keep computer scientist roles in high demand.  

A computer science degree is a gateway into nearly every industry, as businesses want to employ people who are competent and experienced in multiple areas of computing. There is also the opportunity to freelance or set up your own company. 

3) Choice of Specialisms 

A computer science degree gives you the chance to explore lots of different specialist areas, to help you focus on the career path that would suit you best.  

There are plenty of industries looking for talented programmers including AI, computer security, government, healthcare, agriculture, education, and financial services. 

4) Valued Degree 

Computer science is very relevant in the digital age we live in and leads to many interesting careers. 

According to the Uni Guide, 95% of computer science graduates were employed in a role where their degree was essential or beneficial. With 83% of them becoming IT and telecoms professionals. 

This is great to know, as studying at university is such a big investment of your time and money, you want to know it will benefit you in the workplace. 

5) Be a Pioneer 

Computer science is a fast-paced industry that never stands still, you have a chance to become a pioneer in your field and research technological advancements that make people’s lives easier. For example, working on robotic technology that is used in the healthcare sector for physical therapy, or to act as a personal assistant to help with personal care. Imagine the sense of achievement in that exciting role! 

 6) Stop Cyber Attacks 

Computer scientists play an essential role in preventing cyber-attacks, which are a risk for individuals, businesses and governments. So much of our lives are online, protecting online security is a very important and rewarding job.  

Now companies store large amounts of user data online, they are proactively creating more jobs and hiring computer scientists to prevent high-level threats. 

7) Future Progression 

Computer scientists’ skills are useful in research and trials, plus machine learning algorithms can predict natural disasters like earthquakes and tsunamis, so there are plenty of opportunities for progression and learning in your career. 

8) Unlock Your Creative Side  

Although most computer science students come from a strong maths or science background, there is a great opportunity to unlock your creative side if you choose to specialise in multimedia programming, by writing code to program functions and graphics for use on mobile phones and computer games. 

9) Global Opportunities 

A global job market is available to you. The skills and knowledge you learn on a computer science course will benefit businesses across the world. 

Computer science is very popular with international students and a great way to meet new people and make connections. Many courses offer a study year abroad, a once in a lifetime experience and a great opportunity to learn a new language. 

10) Develop Transferable Skills 

Studying computer science leads to many interesting career paths and provides the chance to develop transferable skills for any role.  

Computer science students develop a logical, analytical and critical thinking brain, who are great at problem-solving and gain great self-confidence from fixing problems. Computer scientists benefit from learning new skills as technology advances. 

Many computer science courses offer paid placement years, where you can gain great insight into working in the industry and earn some money whilst you are doing it. Giving you all the necessary skills to enter the job market and get your dream job! 

Are You Considering a Degree in Computer Science?

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