10 Unusual Jobs You Can Do With a STEM Degree

With the wide and varied range of careers, you can enter into with a STEM degree, it’s not hard to see why the number of students taking them has been exponentially increasing over the last few years. 

Considering taking a STEM course yourself? Here are 10 of the most unusual jobs you could enter into following your graduation. 

The Jobs

  1. Aquarist 
  2. Snake Milker 
  3. Volcanologist  
  4. Storm Tracker 
  5. Genetic Counsellor
  6. Rollercoaster Engineer 
  7. Medical Illustrator 
  8. Ethical Hacker 
  9. Imagineer 
  10. Fragrance Chemist  


If you have a passion for sea creatures and sea life, studying to become an Aquarist could well be the job for you.  

As an Aquarist, you’ll be caring for and maintaining marine life in aquariums and conservation areas. You can also dedicate yourself to specific areas, such as the safe breeding of endangered animals. 

In order to become an Aquarist, you’ll need a degree in marine biology or zoology, as well as a scuba diving qualification.  

Snake Milker 

While you may raise your eyebrows at first, this is an extremely technical job.  

As a Snake Milker, you’ll be extracting venom from live snakes to be used in medicinal research for anti-venoms. Some venoms are even being used to treat Alzheimer’s! 

To work as a Snake Milker, you’ll likely need either a degree in herpetology or biology, but don’t worry, extensive training on how to handle the snakes will be provided. 


As a Volcanologist, you’ll study volcanoes all over the world, analysing their patterns, rock samples and ash all to figure out when they might erupt and help prevent casualties when they do. 

If that wasn’t exciting enough, Volcanologists also carry out controlled explosions that mimic erupting volcanoes! 

You may be surprised to find out that to become a Volcanologist, you’ll need a degree in Oceanography. This is because most volcanoes are formed below sea level, so an understanding of the physical, chemical, and biological features of the ocean is necessary. Knowledge of geology and geophysics and geochemistry are also helpful. 

Storm Tracker

Similar to a Volcanologist, a Storm Tracker studies the weather events such as tornados and thunderstorms. 

As a Storm Tracker, you’ll study the science behind these phenomena, collecting data on when and where they occur, and how to predict when they might occur. 

Genetic Counsellor 

Working as a Genetic Counsellor, you’ll be helping treat and counsel patients with hereditary disorders and conditions.  

You’ll create a treatment plan that will help sufferers deal with the health implications of their condition, whether it’s physical or mental. 

To become a Genetic Counsellor, you’ll likely need to have a degree in genetics or biological/biomedical science. Other degrees, such as social sciences or psychology are also useful. 

Rollercoaster Engineer 

This job is perfect for any lover of theme parks. 

Encompassing a wide range of engineering disciplines, including mechanical, structural and electrical, Rollercoaster Engineers design the rollercoaster tracks, taking into account key factors such as any design elements, safety and environmental factors.  

A highly competitive profession, a degree in any of the engineering fields will be essential, as well as a good network of contacts. 

Medical Illustrator 

A Medical Illustrator is a career that falls under the new broader STEAM banner, which includes Arts subjects.  

Medical Illustrators produce resources such as photographs, images and diagrams for textbooks and other publications use by teachers, researchers, and other medical professionals. 

Having a degree in clinical photography, graphic design or illustration, medical illustration, or photography are great ways to get into this career. 

Ethical Hacker 

An Ethical, or “White Hat” Hacker uses their computer skills to test the cyber security of businesses and organisations by attempting to gain access to their systems. 

This helps identify any weaknesses in the security systems and provide solutions to keep their network secure. 

You don’t necessarily need a degree to become an Ethical Hacker, but it will help get into the industry. You will also need extensive experience with computer systems to begin a career in Ethical Hacking. 


What is an Imagineer? Well, it’s a term popularised by Disney for employees who create new imaginative concepts or technologies and bring them to life.  

A similar line of work to Rollercoaster Engineers, many of Disney’s Imagineers work on attractions for their theme parks and resorts.  

Fragrance Chemist 

At first thought, you have assumed that a Fragrance Chemist works exclusively with perfumes, however, Fragrance Chemists are employed across a number of different industries, including food, cosmetics, cleaning products and manufacturing.  

You could be required to be proficient in gas chromatography, a method in which chemical substances can be analysed, mixtures can be separated, compounds purified, or thermochemical constants determined. This job could require you to perform scientific, technical and administrative duties.

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