About Conditional And Unconditional Offer Letter From UK University


After you are finished applying to the universities of your choice, the next step is to get an offer letter from those Universities. An offer letter basically means that you have been accepted for the program you applied to. There are two types of offer letters that universities can send-

Conditional offer letter

Unconditional offer letter

Here we will discuss a few differences between the two.


Conditional offer letter:

A conditional offer letter means that you got admission to a UK university with certain conditions applied. If you meet all the conditions provided by the university then certainly the offer letter becomes unconditional. UK university is interested in your profile and wants you to fulfill certain criteria in terms of academic requirements, English Language Proficiency score, etc.


A conditional offer letter from the university is also called a ‘restrictive offer letter’. Suppose a student is not able to submit all the necessary documents to the admissions committee due to the lack of time, then the committee will confirm their interest in the student by offering a conditional offer letter and the candidate needs to complete all the formalities within 2 to 3 months, but it depends on University.


If you receive a conditional offer letter from the applied universities, then-

    • Require higher IELTS score/Alternative English test score.
    • Require a reference letter.
    • Pay the deposit amount before the deadline.
    • Getting a pass mark in one or more specific courses or modules.
    • successfully graduate from your current course.
    • Advised to choose another degree that is completely different from the degree that you have applied for.

After completing all these steps, need to submit your official documentary proof to the university before the due date listed in the conditional offer letter.


Unconditional offer letter:

An unconditional offer letter in the UK is provided to the students who have already met all the requirements of the university. The institution has already accepted the candidate as a student who wishes to do an aspiring degree. An unconditional offer letter from a UK university is like a final acceptance letter. An unconditional offer letter UK may vary from institution to institution. Few UK universities ask the candidate to furnish certain important medical documents after receiving the offer letter. By holding an unconditional offer, the candidate can apply for an education loan from any bank to study in the UK.

After receiving an unconditional offer from the university, recent exam scores will not be taken into consideration. Some of the institutions request the student to make a small confirmation payment to the university on receiving an unconditional offer letter. The confirmation fee is not the tuition fee for the year. Payments to the university can be made through credit cards and wire transfers.


UK Offer Letter Processing Time

Generally, the processing time for an offer letter in the UK is approximately 2 weeks for a bachelor/ master’s program. If you have applied for a Ph.D., then universities in the UK can take up to 2 months. But there are certain universities that provide the offer letter within 2 days.


Intakes in the UK

There are two major intakes in the UK, i.e. January/February and September. Here are the admission months for January and September Intakes:

Intake(s) Admissions
January/February Intake June and September
September Intake February and May


How to Apply?

The application process for UK universities for undergraduate courses, postgraduate courses, and Ph.D. is slightly different.

  • UG admissions take place through UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service) and in some cases, through direct applications.
  • For this, you need to register and fill out your application on the UCAS website
  • Most UK universities accept applications verified through UCAS while some universities like the University of Brighton or the University of St Andrews even accept direct applications from students.
  • PG and Ph.D. applicants can directly apply to the university.


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