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For students who want to pursue a career in the field of accounting and finance, studying in the UK is always a great option. Many Universities offer degree courses in this area including Accounting and Finance degrees. The number of international students studying accounting and finance in the UK has increased dramatically in recent years.

Accounting & Finance involves the concepts of money, business, and management, with an emphasis on professional careers in these areas. Accounting relates to information analysis for different aspects of a business, while finance solely concerns a business’ monetary funds.


Why study in the UK

The UK is recognized as a global financial center. By coming to the UK, you will be studying accountancy and finance in a rich, culturally diverse community. British universities are recognized as having international excellence in both teaching and research.

The UK hosts strong accounting and financial professional bodies, which lead the world in terms of the development of accounting standards. English is the language of business and so studying in the UK will equip students with relevant business language skills. Universities across the UK offer accounting and finance courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Doctoral studies in accounting and finance are also available at many of the UK’s universities.



Cost of Studying Accounting and Finance in the United Kingdom

The average annual tuition fees for pursuing an undergraduate course in accounting in the UK is approximately GBP 18,525 – GBP 23,079, whereas for a postgraduate course it lies between GBP 16,000-GBP 28,900 (depending on the nature and duration of the course, and the institution chosen). The costs associated with an accounting and finance degree in the UK are worth the experience, exposure, and accreditation that you’ll receive while studying.


The average salary in the United Kingdom

The average salary for Financial Accountant jobs is £47,500. Do note that starting salaries also depend on the location, sector, size, and type of firm you are applying to.

acc Accounting and finance Degree in UK Accounting



What do Accounting & Finance graduates do?


acc2 Accounting and finance Degree in UK Accounting


What jobs can you get as an Accounting & Finance graduate?

These are large companies that employ hundreds of thousands of professionals in accountancy, auditing, and many other fields. Due to their sizes and reputations, they tend to have strict entry standards. Insurance companies are also big employers, as are banks.

Roles related to an Accounting & Finance degree include:

    • Accounting technician
    • Chartered accountant
    • Forensic accountant
    • Investment banker
    • Stockbroker
    • Tax adviser
    • Actuary
    • Data analyst
    • Economist
    • Retail banker


Universities in the UK

·         Anglia Ruskin University
·         Aston University
·         Bangor Bussiness School (London)
·         Bangor University
·         Birmingham City University
·         BPP University
·         De Montfort University
·         Heriot-Watt University
·         Manchester Metropolitan University
·         Queen University Belfast
·         Robert Gordon University
·         Swansea University
·         Teesside University
·         The University of Winchester
·         University of Bradford
·         University of Dundee
·         University of East Anglia
·         University of Greenwich
·         University of Huddersfield
·         University of Hull
·         University of Leeds
·         University of Lincoln
·         University of Manchester
·         University of Northampton
·         University of Portsmouth
·         University of Salford
·         University of Southampton
·         University of Stirling
·         University of Sussex


Overall, the UK’s accounting and finance degree programs are among the best in the world. Their graduates have consistently performed well on international business exams. If you’re hoping to obtain a high-quality education that will prepare you for a successful career, studying accounting or finance in the UK is definitely worth considering. If you have any questions about how TCL Global can help with your study abroad needs, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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