Our Top Tips to Ace Your University Interview

Applying to a university can be a nerve-wracking process, but once you’ve done all the paperwork and have been invited for an interview, the nerves can really start to kick in.

How can you combat that? Here, we’ve collected our top 9 tips for university interviews that will help you conquer the nerves and impress.

Be Able to Explain Why You Want to Study There

Being able to explain to the tutor why you want to attend their university and study one of their courses is a is key.

Is the university particularly renowned for your subject of choice? Is there something in the course overview that caught your eye?

Letting them know the reasons behind your choice will let them know they weren’t just a random choice and that you take your studies seriously.

Be Prepared to Answer Questions Relating to Your Personal Statement

During the interview, the tutor will most likely ask you a question about something in your personal statement.

When answering, give some further detail that you left out of your statement, but make sure you bring it back to your original point.

Hold a Mock Interview

If at all possible, doing a mock interview will help you familiarise yourself with an interview setting, and become more comfortable in it.

Drafting some questions and getting someone you’re comfortable with to ask them will help you practice answers and feel more relaxed during the real thing.

Don’t Be Afraid to Think About Your Answers

Tutors aren’t expecting an answer to be at the tip of your tongue for every question, so don’t be afraid to take a moment and consider your answer.

You also shouldn’t be afraid to ask them to repeat the question, this will both allow you more time to think, but also clarify anything you may have misheard.

Clear Your Surroundings if the Interview is Online

With so many things taking place over Zoom or Teams these days, don’t be surprised if they ask you to conduct the interview online.

The key is to prepare in the same way you would if the interview was in person.

Organise your surrounding area, keeping it clutter-free, this will help you focus.

Remember, you’ll be on camera, so make sure your background is distraction-free, and try to find a space that is quiet and free of interruptions.

Prepare Questions to Ask the Tutor

An interview isn’t all about the candidate.

Remember to draft your own questions to ask the tutor. This will show you’re engaged and an active participant in the interview and display to the tutor that you’re proactive.

Read Through All Information Supplied

When the interview is arranged, it’s quite likely that you will be sent some additional information and documents.

Ensure that you read through and understand all of them, as they will most likely come up in the interview.

In some cases, this may well help you draft a question to ask, which will demonstrate that you’ve read the information and show that your enthusiasm.

Research the University and Course

This perhaps sounds obvious, but it may surprise you how often this isn’t done.

Fully research the course and university, and, if possible, find out who teaches the particular course you’re applying for.

Similar to other tips, this will show your commitment to your chosen course and university and demonstrate that you’ve selected them for a specific reason.

Sleep Well!

This last tip may well be the most difficult.

Nerves before an interview are understandable, but the correct preparation can help massively.

The night before, lay out your clothes for the morning.

If you’re travelling, make sure any paperwork needed is printed and pack your bag the night before.

Be sure to check travel times. If you’re driving, see how long it will take to get there and aim to arrive at least 15 minutes early.

If you’re getting the train or bus, check departure times as well as any additional travelling time once you reach the other end.

Once you’ve done this, try to unwind and get an early night to ensure you’re well-rested for the big day!

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