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Aeronautical Engineering is the science involved with the study, design, and manufacture of flight-capable machines, or the techniques of operating aircraft.

UK universities are among the world’s leaders in offering Aerospace Engineering courses valued for research-oriented study modules, innovative education approaches, and state-of-art facilities. On top of that, the UK has the second strongest Aeronautical industry in the world, which promises to be a great opportunity for you to gain invaluable practical training during your regular course.

If you have decided to get an Aeronautical Engineering degree in the UK, but you face difficulties navigating through all those universities to choose the most suitable one, then you’re in the right place.


Entry requirements for aeronautical engineering degrees

You’ll need to be highly competent in mathematics and physics in order to apply – expect your competency in these two subjects to be rigorously tested. And, if your degree is taught in English and you are an international student, you may need to prove your proficiency through a standardized exam such as the IELTS or take an English language course prior to commencing your degree in order to obtain a student visa or entry into the program.


What does an Aeronautical Engineer do?

  • Aeronautical engineers design, develop, test, and help manufacture commercial and military aircraft, missiles, and spacecraft.
  • Aeronautical engineers also develop and design extraordinary technologies such as supersonic jets, helicopters, space shuttles, satellites, and rockets.
  • Work done by aerospace engineers has made such things as speedy mail delivery and moon travel possible.
  • Aerospace Engineers are working to launch a space shuttle to reach the moon.


Aeronautical Engineering in UK universities

If you wish to study in the UK, then you will be glad to know that there are some of the best Masters in Aeronautical Engineering in UK universities from where you can learn all the aspects of AE and start a flourishing career. Universities are-

    • Cranfield University
    • University of Southampton
    • University of Liverpool
    • University of Sheffield
    • Swansea University
    • University of Strathclyde
    • University of Leicester
    • Coventry University
    • Staffordshire University
    • De Montfort University
    • Brunel University London
    • University of Hertfordshire
    • University of Salford
    • Teesside University
    • University of South Wales

Cost of Aeronautical Engineering in the UK

Aeronautical Engineering course fee in the UK is going to vary and will depend upon the university /college you have decided to enroll with. The approximate Aeronautical Engineering in the UK cost.

Home and European Union 2020/21

    • MSc full-time £14,600
    • MSc part-time £9,500

Overseas (not EU) 2020/21

    • MSc full-time £16,000
    • MSc part-time £10,000


Aeronautical Engineer Salary in the UK

The average salary for an Aeronautical Engineer is £48,000 gross per year (£3,000 net per month), which is £18,400 (+62%) higher than the UK’s national average salary.

An Aeronautical Engineer can expect an average starting salary of £25,000. The highest salaries can exceed £135,000.


Job Opportunities in the UK after Masters in Aeronautical

    • Mechanical Engineer
    • Aircraft/Spacecraft Designer
    • Data Processing Manager
    • Military Aerospace Engineer
    • Inspector and Compliance Officer
    • Drafter
    • Aerospace Technician
    • Mission or Payload Specialist

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