Best 8 Libraries for Students in London

London libraries aren’t only for reading, but they’re additionally vital historical sites. A maximum of them have been around for numerous years, and so their collections additionally range from over a century. So, whether you are just visiting the city for a while or are a student who wants to study here, you should not pass up the chance of stepping into some of the best-equipped libraries in the world. After all, London is one of the most literary cities in the whole world.


Here is a list of the 10 best libraries in London:

  • The British Library
    Functions as a museum yet as a library, British Library offers a constant revolving door of exhibitions throughout the year covering all subjects, from language itself to different genres of literature to history. Though may need to register to access the reading rooms and for the 150m items from across the globe, membership is free. The building is an absolute beauty, too.




  • Peckham Library
    The Peckham Library and Media Centre are located adjacent to the Town Square in Peckham, London. The building has been built by Southwark Borough Council to provide a center for arts and technology. Peckham Library opened to the public on 8 March 2000, with an official opening by the Rt Hon Chris Smith, Secretary of State for Culture, Media & Sport on 15 May 2000.




  • The London Library
    Anyone can become a member of this collection, which has over 1,000,000 books. Less overwhelming than the British Library and with classic oak-paneled bookcases and leather armchairs, definitely it is a great place for studying or casual reading, and writing! The library also offers free evening tours if you fancy a tour around. You pay a subscription fee (around £500 per year).




  • Swiss Cottage Central Library
    In case you’re fond of symmetry, you’ll love the brutalist outside of the swiss cottage library, even as every detail interior looks as if a scene from a Wes Anderson movie. It’s a dramatic swirl of reflect-picture staircases and sixties curves. The preserving is tremendous at the philosophy and records the front, and there’s a giant open space wherein you’ll be capable of getting in comfortable chairs.




  • Bethnal Green Library
    Searching like a vintage mansion, Bethnal green’s library is a collective allure. Stocked in children’s and adults’ books, that is a choice where you can visit look for currently published classics, re-discover a youth favorite, or surely get out from the hubbub of east London.




  • Senate House Library
    It’s been a Ministry of knowledge (during world war Two) and Court of Justice (in ‘Batman Begins’) however this magnificently authoritative-searching building simply north of the British museum is referred to as home to the vital library of the University of London. The library occupies the construction’s fourth-to-eighteenth flooring and is mostly handiest handy to individuals, but you’ll be capable of getting admission to it for reference functions by using buying a someday ticket or the unique summer membership.


  • Canada Water Library
    Sleek and modern, Canada Water just beats Bethnal Green for the prize of ‘Best Library in East London’. What’s more, Canada Water Library isn’t only a collection of books; its cultural space hosts live music gigs and theatre performances, definitely library even holds writing groups to assist you to practice your creative talent.




  • Maughan Library, King’s College Strand Campus
    This one’s so beautiful that it’s been used as a location for A number of films – think The DaVinci Code and Johnny English. As a University Library, this one isn’t easy to look around, but if you’re studying at any London University you are allowed to easily access Maughan’s services and interiors holding your student card – you’ll need to sign in advance though! For people who aren’t London students dying to experience the famous interior, you always can visit during any of the King’s College’s open days.




A number of those libraries are confined to sure organizations, such as college students, however, most of the people are open to the public for free. Though those libraries are filled with books and best for readers, they are additionally architectural marvels that folks that recognize design will discover quite fetching.

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