Boris Johnson announces end of Covid restrictions in England

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The Prime minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson, announces the end of government Covid restrictions regarding covid rules in England. This new statement of easing restrictions has come up with new modifications. It is not likely to lift all the restrictions in a day. The process will be implemented in phases. 

When do Restrictions End in England?

It was said that the end of covid restrictions would end on 24 February. Therefore, starting from today, there will be no self-isolation rules in England if anyone tests positive for covid. The other 3 nations of the UK, Northern Ireland, Wales, and Scotland, have the authority to carry through their plan. 


The UK prime minister Boris Johnson has also confirmed that this announcement doesn’t refer to the endemic of Covid 19. Still, it is time to “move from government restrictions to personal responsibility”. 

QT Indian students in uk Boris Johnson announces end of Covid restrictions in England Announce


What are the new modifications in Covid 19 Restrictions?

Including the end of self-isolation rules for the covid affected person and the provision of free tests for Coronavirus, there were many more changes in the covid 19 restrictions declared by Mr. Johnson. 

    • For Instance, Close contacts of covid affected people need not test for 7 days if they have got their vaccine dose. If the contact person is unvaccinated, he need not stay in isolation. 
    • Moreover, It is no longer mandatory to tell employers if they have tested positive. 
    • The people in England will no longer be traced based on the covid results. 
    • The financial support that the government has provided to the citizen who is unable to work remotely will be removed from March 24. 
    • There will be no free testing for Coronavirus for the UK public. People can do their covid test at their own cost.
    • Citizens of the United Kingdom will not need to carry the Covid Status Certification domestically in England.

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