Civil Engineering in the UK


Civil engineering is the professional practice of designing and overseeing the construction of new structures, or repairing existing structures, to serve human needs. Civil engineers are involved with buildings, roads, bridges, canals, dams, tunnels, pipelines, communications systems, and airports.

All aspects of building a structure fall under the remit of a civil engineer. This can include planning, design, budgeting, surveying, construction management, and analysis, and often civil engineering careers encompass a combination of all these elements.

The great thing about civil engineering in the real world is that it’s an industry that perpetually adapts to the demands and desires of society. In recent years civil engineering has adapted to consider many contemporary environmental concerns, helping to address issues of pollution and scarce water supplies, while considering the potential of sustainable energy within the industry.


What is the cost of studying Civil Engineering in the UK?

Basically, the tuition cost for civil engineering programs varies among the degree programs and universities. The tuition can be as low as £9,000 for home/EU students or as high as £30,000 for international students.


How much do Civil Engineers Earn in the UK?

Average Civil Engineer Salary in the United Kingdom:

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Which Body Accredits Civil Engineering Degree Programs in The UK?

The Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) is the body in charge of the accreditation of civil engineering grams in the UK. ICE also offers accreditation of university and college courses that are delivered and awarded by providers outside the UK.

In fact, ICE accredited courses are recognized in many countries under the International Education Accords and European Engineering Education Database which will benefit graduates seeking a global career.


Civil Engineering Universities in the UK

The UK offers civil engineering programs both at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Here are the best universities where you can study accredited civil engineering programs in the UK:


Achieving your dream career is one of the most exhilarating experiences you can have. A civil engineering degree in the UK can be very rewarding for any student, with multiple opportunities available upon graduation. From working on major infrastructure projects to designing high-rise buildings, there are many different career paths that are waiting for graduates who complete a civil engineering program in the UK.


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