Essential Skills for Study Abroad Life


You’ve got the grades but what about practical skills? Going to university places you in a whole host of new situations, and with them comes a load of new academic and social skills you’ll need to acquire in preparation. Here we describe some essential things you should know how to do before leaving for university.


Conversational skills

While you’re studying abroad, you will gain intercultural communication skills from interacting with people from different cultures. This skill is highly preferred, as it shows employers that you’re able to communicate and work with people from diverse backgrounds. This skill can benefit you personally too, as you will find it easier to understand and communicate with others who are different and build stronger connections with them.



One of the most important skills learned while studying abroad is adaptability. It may also be related to cultural awareness, but as you learn more about the new country you are in, you will learn to live like a local. Learning the local language, trying out cultural dishes, understanding laws, and customs, learning how to spend money and how to use different modes of transportation are just some of the things you need to learn and adapt.



Confronted by change on such a comprehensive scale when you first move abroad, you’re bound to take a step back and examine who you are, what you like or dislike, and what you stand for. This is self-awareness.

Self-awareness is one of the best tools for self-control, setting goals, and achieving them. If it sounds fundamental to success, you’re right – it is!


Keeping a budget

One very common practical skill that students need to learn when living independently for the first time is how to manage their money.

For international students, this often starts with setting up a bank account for the country you’ll be studying in. For advice on this, check out our guides for setting up student bank accounts in the UK.  Tips for students on how to open a bank account in the UK | TCL Global



According to a survey, 46% of students have never practiced cooking before entering college.

Learning some simple and easy recipes before arriving on campus is a great way to get ready for university. Ask for help preparing your favorite food while you are still at home. As soon as you understand it yourself, you will be glad you did it. Student cookbooks are available in bookstores and online focusing on the use of simple ingredients and cooking on a budget.


Time management

To avoid stress, it is essential to be wise about how to manage your schedule. Keeping all your appointments on your mobile phone will keep them handy at all times, avoiding double bookings. Also, keep a “To Do” list with all tasks and deadlines. Mark each as you complete it, splitting large tasks into smaller tasks for easier management.


We hope this will help you to introduce the skills that will help you succeed in university. This stage of your life is a learning curve, so don’t worry if it looks like you’re remembering everything too much. You will learn many of these skills without even understanding them!

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