How Much Does it Cost to Study Abroad in England (UK)?


you want to study abroad in England (UK). Home to some of the most iconic historical sites, cities, and universities in the world, England is a fantastic choice for a study abroad destination. This country will challenge you both academically and culturally while still giving you the ease of learning everything in English. If you want to get away to more foreign lands, you have all of western Europe at your fingertips.

Whether you’re 100% certain that England is the study abroad country of your dreams or still toying with the idea, you’ll need to get a sense of what it’s going to cost you. You’ll need to pay tuition, but there are other costs, including travel and living expenses, to keep in mind. How on earth can you figure this all out? We’re here to help.

As you calculate your expenses for studying abroad, it’s important to consider more than just the sticker price. Housing, food, travel, and personal expenses are all costs that people sometimes forget to factor in. While these costs are personal and therefore vary, this guide goes through all the costs associated with studying in England to give you a good idea of how much a study abroad program in England costs.

Average Tuition Cost for a Semester Abroad in England

While tuition isn’t the only cost associated with studying abroad, it will likely be your largest expense. Tuition can vary widely depending on the type of program you choose and the university you decide to study at. The great majority of universities in England are public universities, meaning their tuition and fees are subsidized by the government. Tuition is typically higher for international students than it is for domestic.

It’s worth knowing the difference between direct enrollment and studying abroad with a third-party program. Third-party programs study abroad programs are designed and administered by third-party organizations. You’ll typically be part of a group of other studies abroad students, and your study abroad administrator will act as a midpoint between you and the university. They’ll help you plan and organize everything from visas to airport pickups, and they often plan activities and excursions for your group while you’re abroad. The program cost is determined by them, and they accept all payments for tuition and fees.

On the other hand, direct enrollment is when you directly enroll at a university abroad as an international or exchange student, without the assistance of a third-party program organizing anything for you. You won’t have a built-in social group as you might with a third-party program provider, but you might find it easier to immerse yourself in the local social life and culture. In this case, you’ll be responsible for planning your trip, choosing your classes, and making sure your credits transfer back to your home university properly. You’ll be paying tuition and fees to the university directly, which can save a lot of money depending on the program.

Semester Tuition for Direct Enrollment Programs:

  • University of Brighton: 19,151£ per year (2021/22)
  • Edge Hill University: 17,640£ per year (2021/22)
  • University of Evansville Study Abroad in Harlaxton: 16,900£ per semester (2021/22)
  • University of the Arts London: 32,344£ per year (2021/22)
  • University of Plymouth: 20,040£ per year (2021/22)
  • York St. John University: 10,000£ per year (2021/22)
  • Leeds Becket University: 9,700£ per year (2021/22)

Semester Tuition for Third-Party Programs:

  • CIEE program in England: 24,850 per term, housing included (2022)
  • IES Abroad in London: 19,370 per term, housing included (2022)
  • USAC England in Bristol: 17,006 per term (2022)
  • API Study Abroad at University of Westminster: 18,980 per term (2020)
  • ISA Study Abroad in London, England at University of Roehampton: 18,350, housing included (2022)

As you can see, tuition costs vary widely depending on the type of program and which city you’ll be studying in. It’s important to shop around to get a sense of the right destination, program, and price point for you.



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