Importance to choose best university in UK

Students need to choose the best university in the UK to shape their careers and professional life. The main reason to choose the best university in the UK is to develop their skills and build up more opportunities to kick start their career graph. Students’ lives will be happy and can gain wonderful experiences if they choose the best university in the UK.


How to choose the best university in the UK

Our expert education consultant has analyzed and listed some useful tips to choose the best university in the UK.


1) Course and Future:

According to your passion and future career wish to have after completing your graduation, choose the university and course. Not all the universities in the UK have the preferred course. So, investigate and find out the university that offers your passionate degree in the UK.
The candidate needs to have detailed information about the course, and the modules that are included in the course. By having detailed information in hand, candidates will have an idea if the included modules are found interesting or irrelevant to their career growth.


2) Employment Rate and University Ranking:

     A candidate can learn more about the universities in detail and have the facilities to compare the universities by using UK university rankings and subject rankings. Around 90 UK universities are ranked in World Rankings, 2020. Among them, 4 universities are found in the global top 10 and another 4 more universities in the top 50. Other than that, six more universities are newly added to the World rankings. Not only universities, but UK university ranking by subject wise is also available. Based on the ranking indicator, UK universities are ranked. The employment rate is one of the key factors in the ranking indicator.

To choose the best university in the UK, the candidate should be aware of the employment rate of the university. Universities in the UK that have
high employment rates show special interest in potential students and recognizing this was the stimulus behind the debut QS Graduate Employability Rankings. Candidates can shortlist the universities based on the rankings and employment rate rather than reading flashy course booklets.


3) Research Funding Universities:

Another criterion to choose the best university in the UK is, searching for universities that offer funds for research. Many top universities in the UK offer scholarships for international students. But the eligibility criteria may differ between the universities. UK universities provide scholarships based on the study course and country you belong to.


4) Partnership with industries:

Candidates need to choose the best university by comparing the number of students placed in MNCs with other universities in the UK. Some universities will advertise on their course curriculum, that they have a partnership with industries. This may create an opportunity to get a work placement in your dream company.


5) Remote and Online Learning Options:

All the universities teach the student in the form of a blackboard where course notes and different types of announcements are published. Due to COVID-19, Cambridge University is the first university to announce that the classes will be held online. Hence some of the universities in the UK switched over to online and reduced the number of lecturers in the classroom session. So, before selecting the best university, investigate whether the classes are taken online or remotely.


6) Choose the apt location:

Candidates need to choose a nearby or apt location to stay. Because choosing the location near the university holds a lot of weight. It is not easy to move from city to city, students need to consider so many factors which include the cost of living, weather, culture, traveling time to return home, traveling time for a weekend job, and a host of other features that may vary from place to place. The cost of studying and living in Newcastle and Nottingham is cheaper when compared to London.


7) Sports and extra-curricular activities:

Choose a university in the UK that encourages students in both sports and extra-curricular activities. University is a place where a student builds his career, makes friends, and gets involved in his passionate area. Extra-curricular activities such as poetry, politics, dance, etc.


Job Opportunities:

An important option a student must consider while he chooses the best university in the UK is job placement opportunities. Most of the universities in the UK offer placement opportunities where you can get credit for the job. Few courses in the UK offer overseas placement and can gain valuable experience that stands out in your resume or CV.


A final thought to choose the best university in the UK:

Students who wish to study in the UK need to do a lot of research to choose the best university in the UK. This is a life-changing decision. Sometimes, the best UK university ranking will not be in your favorite city, or with the best post-graduate employment rate university may not encourage extra-curricular activities. A better solution to clear all your confusion and doubts in choosing the best university in the UK is by talking to our UK expertise team of TCL Global, who provides you with a better solution for all your doubts.


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