Safe City to Study in the UK after Coronavirus

Every year, a significant number of students apply for a study visa to proceed with their higher education in the UK. Having a sense of security while one studies is among the highest things they consider before choosing the city and the university they want. Having the option to feel good and secure while you study can have a ton of effects.

It can help one complete the course easily as opposed to choosing to look somewhere else. Besides, if the place of your study is not safe, you may even end up dropping out altogether. With the Corona infection pandemic, the education of various students in Bangladesh and other countries is being affected. However, this crisis will not go on for over.

In this way, on the off chance that you are pondering which city you ought to decide for your UK Student visa after the Covid flare-up is finished, here is our list for the same. Take a look:

1.  London


London is our number 1 pick when it comes to safe cities to study in the UK after Coronavirus. This top-student city in the UK has been home to several students over the last few years. It has more than 17 top-notch educational institutions. Out of these, some even have a place in the best institutes at a global level. What’s more, this city is the best for students and employees, as well. Thus, if you are applying for a UK Visa after the Coronavirus crisis is over, this city can be an ideal place for you.

2. Birmingham


This second-largest UK city is among the most exciting places here. Apart from having the best educational institutes, the town has some excellent restaurants and rich history. Also, entertainment and shopping options are plenty here. If you apply for a UK Visa after Coronavirus to this place, you may get a chance to come across the largest Christmas market that the city hosts every year.

3. Glasgow


Glasgow is a place where you can come across some of the best universities in the UK You can choose between the University of Glasgow or Strathclyde. This city in Scotland is where you can find a large student population. It is due to its friendly locals, safe surrounding, rich history, and varied contemporary culture; this city can be an ideal place for your UK student visa application after the Coronavirus.

4. Manchester


Being a multicultural city, Manchester welcomes anyone and everyone with open arms. It is safe and big enough. Thus, for your UK student visa, you can choose a university in this city. Apart from the best education, it is an ideal place for music aficionados. Music is a big part of the culture here. And due to this, you are sure to come across several local bands here. In fact, a number of famous ones like “The Smiths” were formed here.

5. Edinburgh



This Scottish capital city again holds a top spot in the best and safe student cities ranking. It is known for its cultural and historical attractions. From being affordable to have the best nightlife, the city offers everything that a student will need. Along with this, it will provide you with a number of employment opportunities, as well. The art and culture here are something that people love. You can, therefore, choose a university in this friendly city after the Coronavirus is over. Being here will also give you a chance to attend the famous Edinburgh Fringe Festival.


The coronavirus crisis is not going to remain forever. Once it is over, you can easily apply for a UK visa. And for it, these are the top five cities. They are not only safe but also offer the best education and numerous entertainment options. For any of your queries related to your immigration to the UK, you can able to consult with TCL Global Ltd.

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