Safety tips for international students in the UK

Moving to a new country and starting a new life can be terrifying. Not only do you have to get used to living in a totally different culture, but you also need to learn how to protect yourself from the dangers that may lurk in unfamiliar territory. But don’t worry; we’ve got your back! No matter where you are living or for how long, these simple safety tips will help keep you safe during your stay abroad.


Is the UK safe?

The UK is a very popular tourist and study destination, attracting millions of visitors each year. Known for its precious landmarks and unique personality, there is a lot one can visit in the UK. The UK is generally a safe country, ranked 45th as the safest among 163 countries, with a high state of peace, in the Global Peace Index 2019. Although it is generally known to be safe, there are things you should keep in mind once you land in the UK. All I can say for now is, beware of pick-pocketing when you’re in crowded places. In addition, let’s go through this safety guide for more information on how to be a student in a foreign country and still get around quite well.



Tips for International Students in the UK

Secure health insurance

You should ask the health authorities in your home country whether or not any treatment will be covered for you in the UK. If you are not entitled to treatment by the NHS (National Health Service) in the UK, then you must take out your health insurance before you leave home.

    • NHS Direct – Reach out to the 24-hour health helpline on 0845 4647


Save the emergency numbers

The emergency numbers are one of the main things you should know about the country you’re about to reside in. In the UK, you will contact the Ambulance, Fire Department, and Police if you dial 999 or 112.


Beware of pick-pocketing

Pickpockets are everywhere; however, it is important to learn their tactics and make sure you keep your belongings safe in crowded areas. Some of the areas with the most pickpocketing incidents in the UK are London, Lincolnshire, Manchester, and usually urban areas or crowds. Pickpockets often work in teams, so if you notice any unusual behavior, be cautious. You should make sure to stay attentive everywhere you go because you don’t want to lose your money, phone, or other gadgets!


Careful when using ATMs

Simply stay attentive when you’re about to use an ATM. observe your surroundings in case you see any unusual behavior. if you do, do not use the ATM or invite your friends to stay close to you.


Careful in crowded places

Being an international student, you have to usually be conscious and vigilant approximately your surroundings. believe your instincts and circulate far away from regions where you experience uncomfortable and are not acquainted with.


Careful to using public transport

Public transport is generally safe in the UK. You can use different modes of transport, such as the railroad system, buses, or even taxis. They are a comprehensive, efficient, and safe way to travel from one place to the other.

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