Jobs for International Students in UK

There are many ways to earn money while being an international student in the UK. Step one is to remember that you are allowed to work 20 hours a week. That is actually all the free time you will have. It’s important to remember that you are there to study. Whether you want to gain experience or make some money, part-time jobs are a great option.

Whether you have your evenings free or just weekends, there is plenty you can do. We take a look at four popular job roles for students in the UK.

On-Campus Jobs

Typically, this involves working in the library, in admin positions, or lending support during events. These are all casual jobs with different working hours. With some of these jobs, you can also have flexible work hours.


Most of them do not have any specific qualifications so expect some competition. If you are enthusiastic and work hard, you must showcase those skills. You are likely to make £50-60 a day at these jobs, depending on hours. This is also great for those who want to spend more time on campus or want to save money and time by not having to trouble back and forth between the university, work, and accommodation.

Temp Work

These are temporary jobs that are usually in the admin, sales or customer service departments of many organizations. They are a great source of experience. You will also get to see what it’s like to work in a real office. The duties of a temp vary from company to company ranging from answering phones to data entry to making sales calls. It really depends on what you sign up for.


These are last-minute job offers. So you will need to check the versatility and flexibility of hours. Employers usually offer £10-15 per hour and are great for those who have a flexible routine.

Events and Hospitality

If you like to work at festivals and gigs, this is the one for you. The hospitality industry actually has quite a few jobs for students.  There is no template for this job. You could be in the bar or waiting tables or in catering and cleaning.


What they are usually looking for in a candidate is enthusiasm, flexibility, and skills in customer service. For some jobs, you need to be approachable. But you have to be hardworking and efficient for all of them because quite a few VIP venues have these jobs open for kids who are presentable and dress smartly.

While your pay depends on the event organizer and how much they are willing to pay, the best offers will get to about £10-12 per hour. This improves as you climb up the ladder.

Customer Service

Working in customer service involves dealing face-to-face with customers.  This could be in a shop or office setting. The role will vary depending on the employer but may include dealing with customer inquiries and taking payments. Customer service roles don’t tend to need any formal qualifications. If you have previous experience, that would be very beneficial.


For this job, you need great communication skills, an extroverted personality and the ability to think on your feet when dealing with customers. These jobs usually pay around £50 to £60 per day, depending on hours.

In Conclusion

For on-campus jobs, watch the notice boards, and join clubs and societies. Make yourself known around campus and that’s half the job done. Whatever the job, show energy and excitement. Try to read up about the company and your employer. Figure out what is required of you and work out any doubts that you may want your employer to clarify upfront.

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