Why should you work with a counselor to apply for studies abroad?

It would be an understatement to say that choosing to study abroad is an exciting decision, but it takes a lot of time and effort to make sure you choose where to go. And, it can take even longer to put together the perfect application to make sure you get the offer you’ve been craving from your chosen university.

our team of counselors has specialized and has grown steadily, always remaining impartial and well-prepared to support any student or parent who is uneasy in aspects related to studying abroad.

We list some reasons explaining why we think education counselors can be a crucial part of your bid to study abroad…

1. Experience & guidance:

Our dedicated counselors send numerous college students to have a look overseas every year. They are specialists within the method. Irrespective of what doubts you have got about the have a look at the overseas process, they’ll be able to help your total journey!

In preference to asking google how to study abroad, you may ask your questions directly to someone who’s doing it for a resident. And you may get their guidance from the start to give up.

2. Connections with universities around the world:

Study abroad counselors have ties with many top universities around the world. You can talk to representatives from your dream universities at once during the many international education fairs that they conduct. Even in case, you need to personally speak to preferable universities before you choose one, you can do so by asking your counselor to make arrangements.

3. Shortlisting assistance:

Narrowing down from all those top-examine locations and masses of extraordinary universities is just a little short of a real nightmare. With an examine overseas counselor with the aid of your side, you may just inform them of your alternatives and your qualifications. They’ll include a brief, personalized listing of universities that can be apt for you. And, you can choose your final choice after discussing its pros and cons with the counselor.

4. Provides ways to explore multiple pathways:

What if you don’t meet the eligibility criteria set by the university of your choice? Educational counselors will give your ideas to make up for it through other ways, like a superb SOP (Statement of purpose). They can also advise you on foundation and pre-degree courses you can take before doing a full-time degree. This way, you will go abroad and study as per your plan, even if you want to prepare for the course.

You can also apply to many universities to increase your odds. With educational counselors, you can apply to about five universities at once. You just need to give your documents and details once, and they will apply to multiple universities for you.

5. Help with the application:

In the UK there are different types of universities, and the application processes and not the same. It varies from university to university. With a study abroad counselor by your side, you just need to give your details, sit back and watch as they do their paperwork magic. You just need to click the submit button and apply.

6. Track application:

‘what’s my current status? ‘Why is it taking a lot of time? ‘Will they reject me? ’ these are a few matters to be able to run in your head after submitting your application. The actual pressure starts to evolve now. Most universities do not have a utility reputation monitoring web page on their website. So, you are left to refresh your inbox ten thousand times and wait till you acquire a mail from them. However, in case you are running with a have a look at abroad counselor you could arise thus far information approximately the progress of your application. Keep in mind their strong ties with pinnacle universities? They may contact the colleges immediately concerning your utility.

7. Guidance in finance and budgeting:

Money is a big part of anybody’s study abroad process. Right from tuition fees to the cost of living, it is not a dream that is going to go light on the pocket. To make things better, study abroad counselors can talk to you about scholarships, study loans, and other ways of funding your education.

They can even help budget your student life to have the complete study abroad experience while spending money very responsibly.

8. Making the visa process easy:

Like university application processes, visa processes also change from country to country. Immigration officers are also generally quite strict and can reject your visa based on things like missing documents or improper conduct.

Study abroad counselors can help you put together all the necessary documents and apply for the appropriate visa. Then they can help you prepare for your visa interview, making sure that you clear it.

9. Pre-departure guidance:

Preparing to leave is a vital part of your study abroad journey. At this stage, you will be excited, scared, and a bit sad that you will miss your family. While under the influence of such highly mixed emotions, it might be a little challenging to keep track of your packing checklist, your document checklist, your medical insurance papers, and so on.

This is where counselors can come in and tidy things up for you. They will remind you of all the important things and make sure that you are prepared for the journey of your life.

10. Guidance while adapting to the new country:

The help and support don’t end with enrolment. You can always call your study abroad counselor if you are feeling down and are finding it difficult to adapt to the new atmosphere. They will give you quick tips and tricks for making friends, studying, and even applying for part-time jobs.

These are some reasons for studying abroad that we have gathered over the ten years since we started counseling for who wish to study in another country. We challenge you to ask us anything you might want to know because the first step toward a successful higher education abroad is the accurate information gathered.

We can help you apply for free. All you have to do is contact us!

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