Top 10 sought after courses in the UK

The quality of the UK’s education system is evident from the fact that 8 universities appeared in the top 100 Universities in the Times Higher Education rankings 2020.  

World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) ranks the UK as the 4th most innovative economy in the world after Switzerland, Sweden, and the United States. This high ranking of the UK is the outcome of its commitment to research and Universities in the UK play a pivotal role in this regard. Statistics suggest that the majority of international students study for post-graduate degrees. They form 49% of non-EU international students in the UK. Further, the most preferred subjects are business and administrative, social, medical as well as creative arts.

The following is the list of the top 10 most popular courses in the UK.  

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1. Master of Business Administration (MBA)

The popularity of MBA has been growing for more than two decades or so.  This growth can be attributed to globalization, increased competition levels, and the service industry’s growing dominance. More sophisticated knowledge and theoretical understanding are required to run present-day businesses. 

London Business School (LBS) MBA is regarded as one of the best MBAs in the UK and globally it is 6th  according to QS MBA global rankings.  

The fees of MBA programs offered by different universities vary significantly and the ranking and reputation of the universities play a role in this.  The tuition fee for the 2022 LBS MBA was £97, 500.  Universities like Worcester, Wales Trinity Saint David, and the University of Bolton offer some of the most affordable MBAs in the UK.

 You may be able to obtain additional discounts. Discuss with a dedicated TCL Global counselor to know more.  Numerous pathways of specialization are available to international students such as MBA in marketing, business strategy, finance, and human resource management to mention a few.

2. Nursing

Nursing as a profession has gained much attention and accolades at the time of Covid-19.  Nursing has emerged as an attractive career option.  In the UK, the NHS has been facing a nurse shortage for a long time and the issue got highlighted in 2022 as a report from the King’s Fund found that NHS’s patient satisfaction levels are at 25 year low.  

The NHS will actively strive to fill nurse shortages and those who study nursing and finish it would be in a position to obtain a job as a nurse in the NHS provided they meet other NHS requirements such as scoring an overall 7 in IELTS.

3. Computer science

The growth in demand for computer science courses can be mentioned as a relatively new trend compared to a business or other social science courses. Increased demand is mainly fuelled by developments in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and newer developments like Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, and Big Data Analytics. Further, computer science skills are increasingly critical for many jobs.   

Complete University Guide published a 2023 ranking of UK universities in the subject area of Computer Science and the top five universities are the University of Cambridge, the University of Oxford, Imperial College London, and the University of St. Andrews. In the Guardian ranking, St. Andrews came first followed by Cambridge, Oxford, Imperial College, and Manchester University.  

4. Engineering

Engineering is still one of the most popular courses. Technical knowledge is a highly valued skill. Students who take engineering generally tend to have higher problem capabilities. 

The top 5 engineering universities in the UK in 2022 are the University of Cambridge, Oxford, Imperial College London, University College London, and the University of Manchester according to QS Top Universities.

5. Psychology

The relevance of psychologists to societies, in general, is growing and the American Psychological Association states that psychological expertise is in demand everywhere. The Guardian observes that the demand for psychology graduates is on the rise due to Covid-19 and the mental stress it created on individuals.   

The Complete University Guide’s 2023 ranking of top psychology universities put the University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, University College London, University of Bath, and King’s College London as the top five universities.

6. Law

Post-graduation in law is popular among international students. While there can be a misconception among students from developing countries that career choices of law graduates or postgraduates can be limited, this is not true as at least 11 directly related job options are present such as an arbitrator, barrister, chartered legal executive, company secretary to mention some of the main.  

The UK’s top 5 universities for law are the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge, University College London, the London School of Economics and Political Science, and Durham University.   

7. Medicine

22045 international students were enrolled in subjects related to medicine in 2017/18.  The UK and its medical degrees are respected globally. Postgraduate student numbers are higher in this case as well. 

The top 5 universities in the UK for medicine are the University of Cambridge, the University of Oxford, the University of Glasgow, The University of Edinburgh, and the University of Bristol.  

8. Politics

More than ever political decisions have far-reaching consequences.  The career prospects of political degree graduates are broadening and they can get a job as a researcher, policy adviser, or even events coordinator.  

There is scope for higher education such as a Ph.D. or MPhil and becoming an academic. The top five universities for political science are the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge, the University College London, the London School of Economics and Political Science, and the University of St. Andrews.

9.  Arts and Design

While arts have been a popular subject for many years, the significance of design is increasingly acknowledged.  Digital media also comes under this. The top five universities in the area of Arts and Design are the University of Oxford, Loughborough University, University College London, University of Glasgow, and Newcastle University.  

10. Biological Sciences

Biological sciences offer significant career development opportunities.  92% of those who study biological science in UK universities are home students and only 8% are international students.  The top 5 universities in the UK for biological sciences are the University of Cambridge, the University of Oxford, University College London, Imperial College London, and Durham University.

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