Top 5 UK Student Cities with Budget-friendly Accommodation


From international leaders to business tycoons to sports heroes to passionate artists, the UK gives the entirety a scholar wants. If the student asks for less costly accommodation, the UK gives that too. in lots of loud and metropolitan cities like London, Birmingham, and Oxford, cheap accommodation is something an international student is denied.

However, you will be glad to recognize some much less famous towns inside the united kingdom that provide low-priced scholar housing and lay the excellent foundation for a nourishing career. we’re here with the top 5 lovely cities in the UK to have a fruitful student lifestyle without going broke.


1. Glasgow

Scotland’s largest city and a celebrated shopping center in the UK, Glasgow holds surreal beauty in every nook and corner. The fact that the University of Glasgow houses the oldest museum in Scotland is indicative of the thread of history lingering throughout the city. Students come to this country in search of a rewarding experience and a promising future. For securing your future you can get in touch with a world-class consultancy that’ll help you get into your dream college.

The city makes it easy for students by having cheap student accommodation and fun places to hang out on weekends. The student housing in Glasgow provides luxurious rooms and facilities at an average cost of £550. Compared to the metropolitan city of London, rent for student apartments are 166% cheaper in Glasgow. Glasgow is an ideal option for international students who plan to study and settle in the UK with a moderate cost of living, high life quality index, and an appealing education system. Studying in Glasgow introduces you to the amazing Scottish culture and enthralling music scene and ensures you never get bored in this friendly city.

2. Coventry

Coventry is a city in England, well-connected to the major cities via multiple transport links. Students often prefer to stay in Coventry as it is homelier and affordable for international students trying to make their mark in a new place. According to the National Survey of 2019, Coventry was preferred over London, Birmingham and other famous cities, owing to its better employment opportunities and cultural immersion.


Coventry has university halls, private studios, and shared apartments for international students that cost around £720/month, which is 150% cheaper than London. The cheap student housing in Coventry does not compromise the quality and safety of the rooms and common spaces. The city offers student allowances at places like trains, the metro, bookstores, and museums.

3. Nottingham

Known as the ‘city of literature,’ Nottingham derives its popularity through Robin Hood’s stories Robin Hood and has numerous theatres performing famous plays of all time. It’s a pleasant city to live in with castles that date back centuries ago and restaurants that serve the best regional delicacies. Nottingham was the first city to launch a system called a workplace parking levy to increase public transport and to bring down the traffic to an optimum level.


With trams, buses, and trains connecting all the educational institutions to the city centers, students find it easier to shuttle between different happening spots of the place. Besides the wide range of programs and degrees, courses in multi-disciplinary fields last only for 5-11 months to give you an overview of the domain so that students can decide if they want to pursue it better. Unlike many cities where students struggle to get a house for a short-term lease, there is short-term student accommodation in Nottingham, which allows students to rent a place on a contract basis.

4. Sheffield

Students from over 120 countries fly to Sheffield to graduate from Sheffield, where they will be given the international exposure and on-hand training they need at an early stage. Sheffield possesses the best Student union in the whole of the UK, which shows how well the international community is treated in the city. Studying in Sheffield can be a life-changing event for you.

International students can easily find a safe place to stay since the city has numerous options for student accommodation, both on and off-campus. The primary student housing complexes include Sheffield 3 and iQ knight house, where you can have en-suites, luxurious rooms, and dining areas, all for £89-£169/week. Though the prices for student housing in Sheffield are comparatively higher than Nottingham’s, Sheffield lives by the tag of a student city.

5. Leeds

From the town hall at the city’s heart which, holds the essence together, to the Leeds City Museum which houses a 3000-year-old mummy, Leeds has all the props to keep you entertained. Formerly a central trade hub, Leeds has become popular among the global market through the prestigious institute. The Leeds educational system is ranked among the top 20 universities in the world.


Every student in Leeds is spoilt for choice when it comes to hunting for a house. The University halls of residence, homestays, shared flats, and private student accommodation in Leeds is well-equipped with the latest technology and managed by trusted officials. Excellent links of transport keep the students of different locations connected. With some of the best tourist attractions all over the UK and the world, Leeds is a humble city that can stand on its own, yet blends in with the whole British culture.


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