UK ‘ought to seek to recruit 1 million worldwide college students’


The UK international student strategy authority has set a new target for international student recruitment in UK universities. The latest decision of seeking enrollment of 1 Million worldwide students has brought great opportunities for students from all over the world. 


As you can see, the very recent pandemic situation has affected the students’ flow immensely. But, still, the statistics from the Higher Education Statistics Agency show that UK universities have completed their previous target of enrolling  600,000 overseas students by 2030. 


Undoubtedly, this is a kind of prominent achievement. But, Sir Lord Bilimoria is still not overwhelmed with the accomplishment. Why so? Compared to the number of enrolled students in the Australian Universities, the UK universities have fallen behind. Thus, he emphasized expanding the target as the UK universities can provide higher education to more students than the currently enrolled students.


 Sir Steve (the UK government’s international education champion) shared that he is pretty satisfied with the accomplishment as the enrollments were done in the pandemic situation filling its target. But he also said that the target is too low considering the timeline. This is why he added to his statement, “I think we have to be very wary of complacency.” This is really indicative of the extended new target. 

Besides, he has pointed out the constant changing in the pattern of immigration for higher education. For example, many non-UK University students are currently studying through online platforms, which can be a vital factor affecting the practice that he mentioned before.  

Thus, he suggested that the target should be extended, and the UK universities should work on enrolling more foreign students. Sir Steve also expressed his thoughts to the webinar that the opportunity for international students needs to be increased by not putting any blockade on them. Otherwise, other countries might attract more students than they are doing now.

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