Virtual Educational Counselling benefits

Increasing demand for consultation services means that a successful educational consultant will reach out to the prospective international student population by employing all available options.

 Traditionally face to face or in-office educational consultation services are the most popular.  However, Covid-19 and the consequent shutdown of offices including educational consultancies meant that the traditional ways of meeting students for consultation can be less attractive and sometimes not a possible option. 

This is when virtual counselling emerged to become an attractive alternative and its popularity is increasing in general.  Virtual or e-counselling creates accessibility and convenience in the first place.

Technological developments made dramatic changes to the ways people communicate with each other. While virtual reality-based communication is not a new way of communicating, its relevance has become apparent to various kinds of companies at the time of covid-19.

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Virtual Counselling

Educational consultants aim at providing the best counselling for students and the developments in technology provide new means for this.  In fact, some people may find going to the office of educational consultants quite time-consuming. They may want to have the service at their doorstep or even in their living room.  A study found that 98% of people receiving therapy consider online counselling more convenient and such findings can be applicable in the case of educational counselling also.

Online educational counselling may be particularly convenient for those who live in rural areas of countries like Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan.  Internet penetration in these countries has been growing consistently over the last decade or so and so is the growth in the number of smartphones.  As of June 2022, there were 184.45 million mobile phone subscribers in Bangladesh. 

There were 740 million smartphone users in India in 2020  and India is expected to have 1 billion smartphone users by 2026, according to a Deloitte report. As of 2020, Pakistan’s smartphone penetration was 51%.  These developments offer convenience to students in particular to obtain virtual educational counselling irrespective of where they are from.

TCL Global cares for your convenience

We are leaders when it comes to offering the best in the industry solutions for our students.  We care for your convenience and this is the reason why we could recruit students successfully at the time of Covid-19 as well.  It is in this line of offerings that we introduced virtual counselling.  

As studies found, online or virtual counselling including educational counselling need not be less effective than traditional in-office counselling.  Similar to the case of in-office educational counselling, a student and TCL Global’s dedicated counsellor may have to meet multiple times to ensure that the student’s needs and expectations are fully understood. The most relevant course, university, and country are selected in the process.  This implies that the efficacy of virtual counselling and face-to-face counselling can be the same. 

The step by Step Virtual Counselling Process

TCL Global’s exceptional success and experience in offering student counselling are transferred to virtual counselling to deliver the highest possible value to you. A structured approach to virtual reality counselling in this regard is provided by TCL Global with the provision of a dedicated virtual counsellor for you.  

Let’s get started

Contact TCL Global and inform us what are your expectations. The counsellor will ask you some relevant questions to guide you in the right direction.  You may have preferences in courses and universities and discussing this with the counsellor can also expedite the process of making the application. You may have multiple concerns regarding the ranking of the University, part-time job opportunities, the amount to be kept in the bank as a financial requirement, and the country-wise differences in financial requirements to make visa applications, course fees, and stay-back options.  Clarity on all these can be obtained in the first session and thereby enabling TCL Global to suggest you multiple options. More power to you.


Making an application to a University may require you to be cautious regarding deadlines. Many courses require that you prove your English language proficiency or management aptitude.  So you may need to take IELTS, TOEFL, GMAT, GRE, etc. depending on the course you aim to apply for.  

Taking such tests can be time-consuming and you may allocate in advance to take those tests. Further, the outcome of such tests may take some specified time to get published. The application to a University should be timed accordingly to optimally utilise the time available. 

This is where TCL Global counsellors can be of great help to you.  They can inform you of the ideal time frame within which you have to undertake an aptitude test or English proficiency test and make the application to the University.  Most of the important tests can now be taken online and this adds to your convenience.  

Have the documents ready

Ensuring all the documents are ready at the time of application can be easier said than done in many cases. Universities may have their time frames with the issue of transcripts. Once you get in contact with them only, you come to know about this.  

There may be a need to obtain a conduct certificate from your previous teacher/principal or somebody who is in a position to do that.  So starting in advance can be beneficial. Further, when you apply to multiple universities, their requirements with documents can vary. TCL Global’s dedicated counsellor can provide you with details of copies to be submitted in advance to avoid unnecessary hassle and rejection of the application.  All documents are vetted to ensure that they have all the necessary details as required by the selected university to proceed and make the application.

Further, a statement of Purpose (SOP) is a statement that you may have to write like an essay. This document should explain what is the purpose of the application and how you would be benefitted from the selection.  

We can provide you with the right guidance in the preparation of SOP as to what are the expectations of the University. The dedicated TCL Global Counsellor allocated to you will read through the SOP to help you to come up with your best version of the SOP. Read more about SOP and its expected content here.

Get offer letters from Universities

On your behalf, TCL Global will receive calls and emails regarding the status of your applications.  You may have to appear for interviews as part of the admission process.  Interviews should be given due significance, however, there is no need to panic as the selection board is already impressed by your achievements. 

The interview is the opportunity for you to further explain why you are a better student when compared to the competition.

Visa application

Once you get the offer letter for study, the next stage is to apply for the concerned country visa.  TCL Global has helped thousands of students in multiple countries over the years to obtain admission to their desired universities. 

When you apply to a university through us, it is our commitment and motto to ensure that you are supported throughout the application process to fulfil your dream to study abroad.

Get free personalised support.

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