Why university students should have a LinkedIn account


Are you on LinkedIn? If you’re a student or a recent graduate, you might not see the point of being on a professional social network. But being on LinkedIn early on could make a real difference in your career. With over 500 million users worldwide, many university students overlook this powerful tool to expand their professional network.


Here are some reasons why you should be on a LinkedIn account:

Take control of your personal brand

If you’ve Googled someone’s name (or maybe your own…), you’ve probably noticed that LinkedIn profiles are a number of the first results. Having an established profile will make you easy to find by future employers. You probably don’t want that embarrassing blog you wrote when you were 13 to be the first thing they find. You can highlight more than just work experience: think volunteer work, internships, awards, studies, goals, and more.


Build Connections

Start building your professional network now. Connect with different students, teachers, and professionals which you’ve met at events. keep a relationship going with them via liking and commenting on their updates and put up updates yourself so they don’t forget about you.


Helps you develop new skills

LinkedIn Learning, a premium e-learning portal offered by LinkedIn itself, helps you develop your skills to the professional level by industry experts. It also suggests you most in-demand skills that you’ll need for better opportunities in your industry.

Being skilled in various management and technical skills is the best thing that a student or professional can acquire to succeed in academics and career. So you should make sure to take advantage of this powerful service to enhance your skills.


Career Growth

LinkedIn offers a variety of business associations and industry-focused groups. This is an excellent place to learn and grow your own skillset. You can even use it as a way to enhance what you are learning at school. When you do, you are sure to expand what you know and what those working in the industry see firsthand. It can even open doors for you to get into focus groups, research studies, and educational programs.


Internship & Job Opportunities

LinkedIn offers great tools to help you find job and internship opportunities. You can check out company pages or search results to uncover opportunities in your career field and area of interest. Usually, recruiter and human resource executives use LinkedIn to reach out to the best talents for the job. So, isn’t it is a good idea to use the same platform to showcase your skills and connect with them for internship and job opportunities? Of course, it is.



If you’re not available on LinkedIn yet, we strongly recommend you create your profile right now to create your online presence on one of the best professional networking platforms on the web.

And, if you already exist on LinkedIn, please encourage your fellow mates too for creating their presence on LinkedIn. Also, share this article with those who don’t find LinkedIn useful for students and know what they are missing.

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