Why you should study engineering in the UK?


As a graduate of engineering, you will have a selection of professional paths to pick out from. Depending on the type of engineering you want to specialize in, you could work in many different roles. Being part of the UK’s strong engineering heritage is one among many motives to have a look at engineering inside the UK. Thousands of worldwide college students choose to accomplish that every year– so what is it that makes the United Kingdom so attractive?


An engineering nation, with a great opportunity

According to an independent study via Technopolis, engineering research within the UK is the sector chief in productivity and 2nd in phrases of technical excellence.

Every 12 months’ companies invest approximately £9.5bn a yr. on engineering research and development inside the United Kingdom, with the authorities spending about £1.5bn to £3.1bn. investment in engineering within the United Kingdom is large. And we of engineers deliver an impressive go back on this investment. Engineering’s position in Britain’s financial success is giant.


Engineering in the UK is responsible for £280bn of u. s.’s gross value brought – a fifth of the United Kingdom’s overall. This degree of return on funding shows that Britain runs one of the greenest and most effective study operations in the world.


The UK engineering workforce

The UK economy employs approximately 30 million people of whom 5.8 million people are employed in STEM-based occupations, around 20% of the total workforce. This figure excludes others involved in STEM-related occupations, such as doctors, nurses, or those teaching STEM subjects from the early years to the university level. The ‘Engineering the Future’ alliance of the professional engineering community estimates there are some 4.3 million people working in engineering occupations alone14. Of these, some 3.5 million people are working at the advanced technician level or in professional engineering occupations within engineering companies.


Learning style in the UK

The approach of teaching inside the UK lets students combine theory with education, for better-rounded education. students can tailor courses to shape them with specialist modules that permit them a deeper knowledge of unique areas of engineering that hobby them.

within the UK’s universities and worldwide schools, the point of interest isn’t always just on the concept, but on actual-world programs as nicely. fingers-on revel in and the type of tailored coaching that permits pupil creativity no longer handiest results in a greater thrilling and engaging studying revel in, it also prepares students fully for the realistic demands of the publish-grad place of work.


Types of engineering in the UK

Universities and colleges in the UK are offering courses in the following subject areas:

General engineering

Civil engineering

Mechanical engineering


Naval architecture

Electronic and electrical engineering

Production and manufacturing

Chemical, process, and energy


Ceramics and glass

Polymers and textiles

Maritime technology



Additional benefits

Employee benefits in engineering are in line with most other sectors. If you work for a large company you could expect benefits such as private health insurance, bonuses, employer pension contributions, healthcare, training, flexi-time, and profit shares. Furthermore, if a company is publicly listed you may be offered stock options.

It has also been known for an employee to receive discounts on the products the company produces. For example, a large car manufacturing company may give you discounts on the vehicles or provide a company car.



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